You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

It’s transfer season again, always a bittersweet time as you say goodbye to your colleagues, your friends, who are moving on. My schedule is filling up with farewell parties, which are both fun and a little sad. The constant churn is one of those inevitable features of FS life that you can only kind of get used to.

It’s more bitter than usual for me this year – I extended my tour in Addis for an extra year, so now everyone who came in with me two years ago (already?!) is leaving, and I’m not. I’m still happy with my decision to extend, but it’s hard to see so many of my friends go. It’s always easier to be the leaver than the left behind, but that’s what happens when you decide to stick around for a change.

Of course, transfer season works both ways. As so many people are leaving, so many new ones are coming in to take their places. New people to work with, hang out with, be friends with. Nice people, cool people. People worth getting to know. And that’s always something to look forward to.