Vicarious Tourism: Travaasa Austin

After two years of sitting at home twiddling my thumbs and watching my hardship pay pile up I decided I was allowed to have a little splurge, so on Friday my friend Kellie and I headed out to the Hill Country for a weekend of indulgence at the Travaasa Resort just outside of Austin. Austin has a number of resort hotels, but the others I looked at were either more family-focused than I wanted or were very high-end retreats for the bored and botoxed of Texas’ ritziest neighborhoods to pass the weekend comparing juice cleanses and bitching about their husbands. I was happy with my choice. While not exactly cheap, Travaasa is more of a fancy summer camp for grownups; there’s yoga and facials, but also a variety of more exciting activities like archery, crafts, cooking lessons, and a mechanical bull fitness class (yes, really).

Scenery from a morning stroll

By the time Kellie and I arrived a lot of the more interesting classes were full (book ahead if you can!), but that turned out not to be much of a problem. At Travaasa you can fill your time with fitness classes and your stomach with gourmet vegan cuisine, or you can lay around doing nothing much and eating ribeyes and chocolate cake. We chose the latter. Seven months pregnant and temporarily freed from the demands of a very cute but energetic four-year-old, Kellie was more interested in soaking up the tranquil atmosphere than anything else on the agenda. Sure, we caught a demonstration on how to make grilled margaritas and learned how to two-step, but mostly we just lolled by the pool, admired the scenery, savored the excellent meals, girly bonded, and sighed contentedly. It was a delightful weekend.