Vicarious Tourism: South Africa

If the blog has been a little quiet lately, it’s only because I’ve been on vacation. The embassy sent me to a training in Johannesburg to learn how to make myself more useful to American companies interested in working in Guinea, and I decided that since they spent ALL that money on the plane ticket and I spent ALL that time to get down there I may as well tack some vacation on the end. I stayed for an extra week, which was absolutely nowhere near enough time to even scratch the surface of South Africa but may have been enough time to me to recharge my batteries a bit.

I love South Africa. Love it. It’s like a giant California, but cheaper. Good food, good wine, good weather, amazing geographical variety. And so beautiful! I’m normally more of an indoor kind of girl, but just driving around in the countryside made me want to go hiking and biking and kayaking and parasailing and swimming with sharks and stuff. Maybe next time. I’m also normally more into words than pictures, but even though I was only there a week I can’t really come up with a brief and clever description that would do the place justice, so I’ll break character and give you a little slide show instead: