Things I’ve Liked on the Internet Recently

Wiped out from the holidays? Kick back with the most relaxing song ever. If eight minutes aren’t enough for you, give it a try on infinite loop.
How tongue twisters work
The University of Chicago received a mystery package – for Indiana JonesMystery solved, thanks to the internet.
Google – Mad Men style. This is fun to play with but only reaffirms my amazement at the thought that anyone got anything done before the internet.
Folding origami house. For people who want to take redecorating to a whole new level.
Creepy critter close-ups. Nature is insane.
Meet Peggielene Bartels – the secretary who’s also a king.
American Girl doll music videos. Kind of creepy, also kind of cool. Check out the Ke$ha video in panel 6.

And here’s a kitten playing ping-pong: