Things I’ve Liked on the Internet Lately

Things that are better with cats #564: fine art
The jackalope – not quite as fictional as you had thought
Whiskey-flavored pigs. Because bacon isn’t tasty enough already?
Hilarious photos of the World’s Best Father (except mine of course) and his 3-year-old daughter
And here’s another great photo series: Everyday Astronaut
New lab-created organism has 6 DNA letters instead of 4.
The volcano that changed history
Foodies – a very short story
Play the 30th anniversary edition of the HHGTTG text-based game here. Prepare to die. A lot.
The Leidenfrost effect – making water do weird things
Walk in someone else’s shoes with the 20-Day Stranger app. I am intrigued by this, but also kind of freaked out.
And here’s a cat playing Jenga: