Things I’ve Liked on the Internet Lately

Wired Science has a great recurring feature on an Absurd Creature of the Week. Check out their recent posts on giant sex-crazed cannibal snails12-ton sea cowsmini pink armadillos, and a frog that gives birth through its skin. Nature is insane.
Feel like the national news isn’t giving you the whole picture? Have a look at Jess Stoner’s quest to understand the United States through its local newspapers, one state at a time.
You may have already caught Frontline‘s fascinating documentary on North Korea as seen through hidden cameras. If not, you should.
Netspeak is improving English because empathy.
Poetry as written by Google’s autofill
Math genius hacks internet dating.
You know how a really good book seems to linger with you after you’ve read it? It’s not your imagination – it’s Science!
100-year-old photos of doomed Antarctic expedition recovered from block of ice