The Cat Came Back

Two weeks to the day after his spectacular escape, the Jabberwock returned. I looked up from watering the basil plant I am trying valiantly to keep alive (for a change) to see him casually prowling around the backyard. By the time I got the door open he had migrated to the neighbors’ yard, which I had to coax him out of with kibble. It was harder work than I had expected. He actually ran away from me at one point, the most unkindest cut of all. I think he had been enjoying the carefree rootlessness of the alleycat life and was reluctant to return to the confines of domesticity.

On the other hand, this cat is a definite fan of reliable meals, and the Chase It Down And Kill It Yourself Or Don’t Eat Diet was clearly not meeting his ideal of comfortable living. He also prizes his dedicated Pet The Cat Time, which occurs at a contractually-obligated minimum of twice daily when at home. That itch is pretty hard to scratch in the wild. So after a minute or two of existential struggle he sacrificed freedom for security, which also comes with featherbeds and laser pointers and occasional nibbles of gourmet cured meats. He purred himself to sleep last night on one of the aforementioned featherbeds, so I don’t think he’s too terribly unhappy with his choice.

As you can imagine, I am delighted and relieved to have him back. To share my joy I am pleased to bring to your attention The Cat Came Back, a short animated film about a man with the complete opposite problem to the one I had. I’ve also had the song it’s based on stuck in my head for the past two weeks. Enjoy.