Today is my ten-year blogging anniversary. This blog here is just shy of the three-year mark, but I started my first one back in college. You can read my first-ever post here if you like, but I must warn you: it’s not worth the click. In the pre-Facebook era, a LiveJournal blog was de rigueur among the twentysomething pseudointellectual set, at least at my school. All my friends had one so I got one too. I don’t think any of my college friends have blogged for years now, but somehow I kept finding things to say. And ten years later, here I am, still flinging words at the Internet. I think we can officially call this a habit.

As I’ve mentioned before, autobiographical blogging requires a certain amount of narcissism, so thanks for putting up with that. On the other hand, in this age of selfies and reality TV narcissism is so hot right now, so maybe I’m just in tune with the zeitgeist for a change. How novel. But seriously, thanks for reading.  Extra thanks for those who comment, and extra super duper thanks to those who have sent fan mail. I live for that stuff. Positive feedback is what keeps me coming back to the keyboard, year after year, on approximately a twice-weekly basis. Behold, the power of compliments.

Hallmark tells me that the appropriate gifts for a ten-year anniversary are either tin/aluminum or diamond jewelry, so I’ll be watching the mail expectantly for my Tiffany earrings and Reynolds Wrap. Here’s to another ten years.