Sweet Anticipation

Work is about to get super crazy for me for the next month and a half. My boss is curtailing, for personal reasons, leaving the pol/econ section without a chief as soon as his new orders get processed. The poloff is heading to a human rights conference in a few days, so it’ll be just me holding the fort for a bit while simultaneously organizing a conference, planning activities for our incoming summer intern, prepping for a smooth handover when the vice-consul and I swap jobs in July, and handling whatever else happens to turn up. All I have to say is it’s a good thing I’m so awesome.

Fortunately, I’ll also spend the next several weeks doing something rather less intense: vacation planning. I love planning for and looking forward to vacations almost as much as actually going on vacations. I love leafing through travel guides and surfing the web to amass a list of sights, activities, and restaurants to make sure I have a wonderful trip when I get there and some amazing things to look forward to in the meantime. During stressful moments it always helps to think about being somewhere else, somewhere relaxing, somewhere you will be soon, in as much detail as possible.

I have a couple of possible trips at various points on the horizon: a long weekend in Dakar in July to recover from the coming insanity; a Middle East tour in the fall for sister bonding and to see some A-100 buddies; and maybe a jaunt to Iceland in January for some hot springs and Northern Lights. After a year and a half in the tropics the bone-cracking cold will be kind of a fun novelty, right? Right? Maybe? But in any case, when I just CAN’T think about work for one more second all these fun plans give me great opportunities to fill my thoughts with beaches and pyramids and geysers instead.