I have been feeding the cat first thing in the morning for ages. It seemed convenient – I’m always home at that time and the cat makes a very effective backup alarm clock, as he values his chow over my beauty sleep. But recently Jabbers has become a little too effective in his alarm clock capacity, waking me up long before my radio alarm goes off with a variety of unignorable tactics – loud repetitive meowling, jumping up and down on my torso, and clawing at my face, gently. I can thrash around and swear and throw pillows at him all I want, but ten seconds later he’s right back in the game. It’s a lot like this:

This week I gave up. I decided, for the sake of my sanity, that it would be better to feed the cat right before bed and save myself the morning shakedown for kitty kibbles. I filled up his bowl and snuggled into bed, looking forward to eight hours of uninterrupted slumber. But then, at 5:30am, there he was – pawing at the duvet cover, pouncing my feet, and pulling my hair, affectionately.

All this time I had the cat pegged all wrong. It’s not food he’s so desperate for in the morning, it’s LOVE. Awww. Owww.