As you may have gathered from my increasingly decreasing blog posts, I’m finding blogging a lot harder in Dublin than in Guinea. It’s not that there’s less going on in my life – quite the reverse, actually – it’s just that it’s all so appallingly NORMAL. I go to work. I buy groceries and run errands. I go to pubs and the movies with friends. I stay home and watch TV in my pajamas. I do the same things everyone else does. Normal can be nice. Except for the housework, to which I still haven’t fully resigned myself and probably never will, my quality of life is undeniably much better here than it was in Conakry. But normal just doesn’t make good copy, so I find myself with less and less to say. It’s a problem.

While I try to come up with something remotely interesting to blog about, here are some pictures of Dublin you can look at in the meantime: