It’s Over!

Nearly a month after Guinea’s election the results are final – yesterday the Supreme Court confirmed Alpha Conde as Guinea’s first democratically elected president ever, and his opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo has conceded, urging Guineans to accept their new president and refrain from further violence.

I am relieved and delighted. I had been having daymares of arriving in Guinea to find an embassy on lockdown with a civil war raging outside, or worse, not getting to go at all. An election will not solve Guinea’s problems, of course, but it may be the beginning of a brighter new era for the country. I for one am at least cautiously optimistic.

Congratulations to Alpha Conde and the people of Guinea. Welcome to democracy. If you should discover that it’s not all that you hoped it would be, I hope you at least find it preferable to the last 50 years of authoritarian rule.