Field Trip!

Today I got to get out of the office for a change and give a consular services presentation for the fine folks at Mercy Ships. They have a hospital ship docked in Conakry for the next nine months or so where they will do free surgical procedures for people who desperately need it – cleft palates, facial tumors, cataracts, burns, orthopedics, you name it. The ship is manned almost entirely by volunteers who travel to Africa on their own dime and donate their time and expertise to help improve people’s lives in a uniquely dramatic way.

But I am ashamed to admit, that’s not the main reason I’m excited to have them here. This is why I’m excited:

Starbucks people. STARBUCKS. Everyone’s favorite love-to-love or love-to-hate giant corporate caffeine dealer is one of the organization’s sponsors and as part of the deal they keep the ships well supplied with sweet, sweet coffee drinks. I was rewarded for my visit with a toffee nut frappuccino and a giant platter of chocolate chip cookies to bring back to the embassy with me. It tastes like home. I’ll have to see if I can come up with some more excuses to head down there…