Empire State of Mind

The universe made it quite clear that I was to make bagels this weekend. Anne made bagels. Another friend posted this link on how to cut linked bagel halves. I stumbled across this recipe for everything bagel bombs. Fine universe, I can take a hint. I made bagels.

I used this recipe, and they came out pretty nicely. A little lopsided, could have used a bit more crispness on the outside, but I’ll call it a success. (Side note: although the recipe claims to make “8 medium-sized bagels” it actually makes 8 ginormous, no-one-person-really-needs-to-eat-this-in-one-sitting bagels. I’ll try ten next time.) I whipped up a little garlic-scallion shmear, popped in a Woody Allen flick, and pretended I was in Noo Yawk. Except for the tropical sun and coconut palms outside it was pretty convincing.