Democracy in Action

Once upon a time, an American was having some difficulties in Guinea and wanted the U.S. Government to help. He wrote his congressman. His congressman (or his congressman’s staff) wrote the State Department. The State Department funneled his letter down to the Guinea desk, who organized a whole bunch of people from a bunch of different agencies to get together on a conference call and see what can be done to help this guy out.

As a U.S. citizen, voter, and taxpayer, I think it’s great that the system can (not always, but at least sometimes) work the way it’s supposed to. You have a problem, you contact your elected representative, he goes to bat for you, and half a dozen little bureaucratic worker bees whose salaries you pay try to fix it for you. They may not always be able to, but they’ll try. Just like in the government textbooks. Amazing.

On the other hand, as a slightly overloaded little worker bee, I am less than enthused.