When I first got my Kindle I was less than enthused. I adopted it out of necessity and expected to use it grudgingly for its utility value rather than getting any enjoyment out of it. Well, after eight months or so of acclimation I’m pleased to say that I really quite like it. I like the portability and the instant gratification (so dangerous!). I like the easy access to the built-in dictionary. To my surprise the Kindle has turned out to be even better than a book for pooltime reading; the fact that you can both hold it and turn the pages comfortably with one hand means no wet smudges on the edges of the pages and leaves the other hand free for something else, like holding a cocktail. Given the amount of reading I’ve been doing in a pool float since the dry season started (that’s right bitches, swimming in January!) this is a major point in the Kindle’s favor.

My Kindle love is not unbounded. I do not like that I have to interrupt the reading flow to change pages more often with the one-page display than with two-page spreads. Some of the books I’ve gotten for it have trouble displaying poems or songs or pictures interspersed in the text, though most of those were free and it may be a case of getting what you pay for. I really do miss that lovely book smell. But all in all I’m pleased with my transition to Book 2.0.