A Series of Unfortunate Events

Actually that’s not very accurate. There was really only one event which led to a series of nonevents, unevents, antievents, which culminated in me bravely but unsuccessfully fighting back frustrated tears at the Delta International Rebooking desk in Atlanta.

What happened was this: it rained.

Last year was one of the driest years on record in Houston but so far 2012 is looking to make up for it. Torrential downpours and flash floods this morning delayed my flight by two hours. As a result of this delay, I failed to make it onto my flight to Brussels in Atlanta. As a result of this missed flight, I am unable to catch my connecting flight to Conakry and will have to get the next one. Four days from now. (One of the many inconveniences of living in the airline version of a one-stoplight town.) As a result of this appalling delay I will have to burn some extra vacation days I was planning to save for something else and will not be in the office later this week to complete some relatively important and short-deadlined projects. It also means I spent an entire day in planes and airports today just to end up right back where I started. We are not amused.

My control-freak self hates it when my best-laid plans go awry, but without ready access to a private plane or a Star Trek transporter or something there’s not really much I can do but accept that the airline industry (and the universe, come to think of it) does not in fact operate according to my personal preferences. More’s the pity. But if I’m going to stick with this whole Foreign Service thing I suppose I had better get used to it.